About Me

So you say…. I have my head in the clouds, I say… "So what, its GREAT up here!" The majority of my life is spent shooting through the sky in a metal tube with the most amazing view that any office can offer (oh and the view outside the plane isnt bad either, im a flight attendant for professional sports teams)! Its not all glitz and glam, but I will say its pretty cool and I really do love my job! Along with my passion for travel and adventure… I cherish spending time with my family, friends and two of the best and smartest pugs known to man; Winston and Chester! Everything I do comes from the heart, and although its been broken a few times, I believe in loving as long as I live!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Easier said than done....

So I started this blog to express my thoughts, fears, angers, sadness, confusion, happiness, loves, adventures and life lessons... ALOT EASIER SAID THAN DONE...well who knew how scary that it would be to actually put it all out there for people to read!!! Did every ones mother tell them to never put something in writing that you didn't want someone else to read, well mine did. I wonder if that's what keeps me from truly expressing how I feel about things. Or is it the fear that it will effect my job, hurt the feelings of a friend, pour my heart out and have it available for "him" to read, or maybe it wont be as funny to someone else as it is me. Well this brings me to the question, When did I change and start to give a crap about being vulnerable, what happened to that fearless little girl who called her horse a "BASTARD!" in front of several possible buyers when the "bastard" bucked her off. Well I'm not sure, maybe its just a part of growing up or having accountability and more responsibilities now. But this week I plan on taking some of my spare time on any empty flights to write for me, a little more therapeutically and then hopefully not edit it too very much and share some things here. Because once its out there as scary as it may be, it makes it real and that's almost a relief in itself sometimes :) xoxo keepin it real! sweet dreams peeps!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sheryl Crow - The First Cut Is The Deepest

This song has the best words! And so very true!


So as with any job there are ups and downs... But recently I have absolutely been so fortunate to have traveled to some amazing places which reminds me why I truly love it so much! Last month i was blessed to spend 3 days in Israel! This is never a place that I ever would have thought of visiting on my own, but now I am already putting it on my list of places to re-visit and so anxious to return! Lets hope I live to that ripe old age of 88 like the psychic told me i would :) because baby i have a long list of places I want to see! Tel Aviv was great, beautiful old historic buildings mixed with metropolis of new commerce AND did I mention some of the most creative and gorgeous fashion designers (note to self, work harder and bring more money for more shopping next time!) Although the visit was short, we also packed in a day trip to Jerusalem and the Dead Sea. It was awful being so rushed through Jerusalem, but I knew we had to keep moving if we wanted to see it all. Walking on the stones through the Old City of Jerusalem I couldn't help but feel the presence of Jesus. Being able to visit the church of the holy sepulchre where he was crucified and laid in his tomb and being allowed to place my hands upon the symbolic stone that his body was laid upon was something I will forever feel inside. The people of Jerusalem were unbelievably kind souls.... the inquiry and thirst to learn in the children's eyes as they asked me where I was from in America and their sense of pride and knowledge talking about their city was so touching! What if we all had that sense of pride in where we are from, wouldn't this world be a better place!
Well tomorrow I'm off to start a trip in which i will be spending two days in Shannon, Ireland! So I'll toast a mug of Guinness to all the ones i love, have loved and thank god for allowing me to experience such incredible adventures! Shalom xoxo

Friday, May 21, 2010

You can't win with scared money or a scared heart!!!


So I was chatting with a friend recently about blogs and he says, "isn't it kind of presumptuous for people who blog to think that others will want to read it." (he doesn't know I have a blog, lol) So for a second I thought to myself, I guess he sort of has a point. WAIT! HOLD ON! NO WAY!, why would it be presumptuous for us to want to share our experiences, life, love, laughter and tears with others in hopes that they may want to follow! I'm not saying you have to read everything I write and that its always going to be profound or meaningful. After all sometimes writing a blog is much more therapeutic for the writer than anything else. But it does make me think, why would it ever be presumptuous to want someone to care about you or your feelings. I think anymore as a woman we truly tend to hold back our feelings. We hold back letting someone that we are interested in know that we like them too much because then the chase is over, we often don't let on how strong or smart we are because people may be threatened. Well as I get older I learn everyday to be who I am and not apologize and not hold back! If you like someone, tell them... If you know the answer, say so... And if you wanna share your life experiences in a blog, it doesn't matter if someone reads it or not! So to quote a very dear friend of mine Amy.... "let your freak flag fly!" (okay I don't think she really said it originally, but whatever who cares, you get the point!)